Provence Rose Group

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Provence is The Home Of rose,

It's Where it Started and It Sets The sTandard For Quality, color & Taste.

We're Proud To Bring Provence To America in its Authentic Form.


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Our Provence Estates

We're very proud to work with 4 authentic Provence estates that each produce their own unique style of rosé wine. Across those 5 estates we're able to provide a range of rosé styles, something and price points to the US market. We're one of the only rosé producers in Provence that has so many of its own vines that so much of its wine is so authentically Provence.

Our Wines

For us it's rosé all day, all month and all year. We get that rosé is in its glory when the sun is shining but we also believe a great glass of Provence rosé wine will bring the sunshine to whatever day you drink it. These roses are all from the birth place of rosé wine, Provence. Perfect growing conditions across our 4 estates allow us to produce a range of rosé wines for every palate. Grab a bottle, drink one with friends, celebrate with it, give it as a gift. Our wines are all ready for you to savor and enjoy.

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