Chateau de Berne, Inspiration in Alcohol Professor - 11 Great and Affordable Rosés to Chill Out with Right Now

Chateau de Berne, Inspiration in Alcohol Professor - 11 Great and Affordable Rosés to Chill Out with Right Now

Remember when the prospect finding a decent rosé at your local market or, heaven forbid, on a wine list was a water-in-the-desert task? No? Then you’re one of the lucky ones who came of age during what can only be referred to as the Rosé Renaissance. But for those of us who do remember the not-so-rosy years, well, let’s just say approaching all blushing bottles with a healthy dose of side-eye was par for the popping. Today? Now? The choices are so vast and wonderful, you’ll find yourself dizzy from the overflow before you even take a sip. And hooray to that! 

In a way, the massive flow of rosé on our shores makes it seem a little like this blushing bout of imbibing is new—it’s not. Making rosé can be traced back to ancient Greece, when both red and white grapes were co-crushed and co-fermented, making a pinky plonk to serve the masses. And all that low-cal, low-alcohol stuff you’re seeing on shelves? That’s not new either—the ancients used to dilute their alcohol because higher octane was considered the hooch of hooligans. Go figure. 

We encourage you to explore pink all year. And don’t worry; it’s not like nouveau. Yes, typically rosés are meant to be consumed around recent vintages, but if you see one from last year, or even the year before, go for it. Some producers even age their rosés! But that’s a conversation for another time. 

This list is by no means exhaustive—not even close! But it does represent a nice, juicy, global glug of sunset-hued options to kick off the start of summer. Salut! 

Berne “Inspiration” Rosé 2021, $21.99

If it’s Provence-or-bust for you, there’s something so wonderfully classic about this pretty Provencal pink. It’s completely juicy and quenching, with just the right balance of delicate fruit and acidity coming from the blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah. It’s more than just a summer-in-a-bottle quencher, though; pair up the orange-flower-water scented, strawberry-flecked flavors with grilled shrimp, fresh tomato and basil salad, and herb and olive-oil tossed potatoes at your next backyard grilling get-together. Bonus: Through August 31st, you can enter to win a 4-day, 3-night trek to Provence. See details here.  

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