Ultimate Provence

A vineyard of contrast, between traditional Provence and modern style

Much more than a simple vineyard, Ultimate Provence is a genuine experiential world.  Ultimate Provence prides itself in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere allowing visitors to discover Provence and its wines here in a delightfully original setting.  At Ultimate Provence, the gentle pace of the seasons and vines is an ode to pleasure, fun experiences and enriching encounters.

Sporting a casual decor and offering premium service, the Cellar introduces visitors to the vineyard's intensely-aromatic wines in an offbeat atmosphere. It is a temple of well-being, hedonistic pleasures, discovery and enriching encounters.

The Ultimate Provence vineyard spans 100 acres around the town of La Garde Freinet, at the northern foot of Notre Dame des Anges chapel.  Set in wild countryside and bordered by a vast evergreen oak forest, the vineyard is characterized by shallow soil, laid on a bed of schiste. This excellent terroir is nourished with a natural compost of oak leaves and vine stalks. Ultimate Provence's contemporary, luminous bottles are inspired by the vineyards light, bright spirit and offer it's drinkers an extra surprise!