Château des Bertrands

A vineyard at the heart of a nature reserve

A former hunting lodge owned by Colbert, Château des Bertrands is a 494-acre estate located at the heart of the Natura 2000 protected area, a natural reserve set at the foot of the Maures hill chain. The vineyard, created from 1964 onwards, now spans 208 acres, 50 of which were planted in 2012. Its grape varieties have been chosen with care over the years.

Located near the Mediterranean coast, Château des Bertrands is a little jewel of Provence that aims to become one of the Var's top names. More than just a vineyard, Château des Bertrands is a stunning natural heritage site, producing wines of exceptional quality.

Protected by the Maures hill chain, Château des Bertrands benefits from a continental climate with hot summers, intense sunshine and a prevailing easterly wind.