Romance 2018

Romance Small.png

Straight from the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean.  Soft, light pink color that looks like rosy cheeks after a first kiss. Beautiful floral and berry aromas awaken your senses. Freshly picked summer peaches and strawberry cream dance around your palate. This is the wine that patio and poolside sipping were made for!

Tasting Notes

Color: Very light pink, like the sun’s reflection on water.

Hear from our Winemaker

Nose: Amazing aromatics that are very inviting. Dominant orchard fruits like peaches, peach ring candies and a sweet fruit salad. A very beautiful, floral and intense nose that jumps out from the glass.

Taste: The freshness, the fruitiness of this wine hits you at the front of your tongue. Freshly picked and chopped fruit, very ripe peach and strawberry flavors. A great texture, almost silkiness to the wine.


Designation: Romance, IGP Mediterannee, Rosé, 2018

Appellation: IGP

Type: Rosé

Vintage: 2018

Region: Provence (France)

Grapes: Black Grenache (45%), Cinsault (25%), Syrah (15%) Merlot (15%)