Food and wine pairing : which rosé wine to use with seafood ?

Food and wine pairing : which rosé wine to use with seafood ?

For the end of year celebrations, during the holidays, or for an event, seafood is the dish of choice for many French people. Paired with a good wine, it's a guaranteed treat. Discover what wine to drink with seafood.



The French coastline offers a wealth of delicacies. Among them, the seafood platter makes almost 21% of French people salivate. Their good iodine taste does not leave anyone indifferent, and their benefits are undeniable.

Shrimp: a healthy option

This small pink crustacean is rich in essential fatty acids, which are good for the heart, thinning the blood and reducing high blood pressure. The consumption of shrimp This prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease, but not only. They also contain omega 3, which is essential for the proper functioning of the brain, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

The whelk: an ally against stress

Rich in magnesium, the whelk has soothing properties that are particularly interesting in times of stress. About fifty whelks are enough to cover 80% of magnesium requirements. It also contains vitamins B3 and B5, which regulate the stress hormone adrenaline.

Are you stressed? Take a break by the sea and enjoy a delicious tray of whelks.

Oysters: an immunity booster

Treat yourself to a half a dozen oysters. Take advantage of the zinc content of this "love it or hate it" shellfish. By covering 60% of your zinc needs, you stimulate your immune system, and your body fights more easily against the pathogens responsible for certain diseases.

By eating oysters In addition, you'll also get plenty of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium, all of which are excellent for your health.

Lobster: satiating proteins

The king of the crustaceans will treat you without guilt, since lobster is very low in calories (90 kcal per 100 grams). That's enough to please yourself and fill up on vitamins, trace elements and minerals. With 19% protein and only 1% fat, the lobster is very satiating, an ally in avoiding hunger pangs.



While dry white wine is traditionally served with seafood, rosé wine is also a drink of choice for with shellfish and crustaceans. As with all food and wine pairingIn this case, it will be enough to adapt the rosé wine to the seafood to be tasted.

  • Bordeaux rosé This wine is not very fruity and moderately dry. It goes well with shellfish, but also with cooked fish;
  • Côtes de Provence rosé AOC Côtes de Provence rosé: recommended to accompany grilled or pan-fried seafood, or even flambé, the AOC Côtes de Provence rosé, with its aromas of white flowers and its beautiful freshness, also reveals all the flavours of warm oysters;
  • Tavel rosé Tavel: if you like Provençal cuisine with seafood, Tavel rosé wine will delight you, just as you will appreciate it with a seafood salad.


You are looking for a rosé wine to accompany your seafood platter ? The Domaine de Berne offers you a selection of Côtes de Provence rosé wines perfect for revealing the flavours of your seafood.