Experience a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Var

Experience a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Var

With refined cuisine and exceptional surroundings, the gastronomic restaurants are a true invitation to the pleasures of the senses. It is in the heart of the vineyards that the Garden of Berne1 star restaurant in the Var. We welcome you for a memorable experience.


While many restaurants offer quality cuisine, where the chef puts all his know-how into making tasty dishes, one is entitled to ask what is the point of going eat in a starred restaurant. However, the arguments of a gastronomic establishment leave no room for doubt.

Discover a creative and refined cuisine 

The fine dining is a call to travel and discover. The starred chefs are among the most talented cooks in the world, using all their know-how to create original and delicate cuisine. You will be able to enjoy a well thought-out and technically executed menu, and discover dishes that arouse both desire and curiosity. 

The starred chef masters the art of sublimating the products we consume on a daily basis, and of combining them with rarer and lesser known foods. This subtle and tasty cuisine offers a unique culinary journey, where the authenticity, freshness and quality of the products are guaranteed. 

Eating in a Michelin-starred restaurant is therefore an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, to discover original dishes, recipes and ingredients. Each chef distinguishes himself by his personal touch, his technique and his implementation. French Gastronomy. All cuisines are opportunities to travel the world.

Eating in an exceptional setting

In the French tradition, like nowhere else, eating is a real pleasure, almost an art of living. The French love good food, and enjoy good dishes, from the most traditional to the most refined. In a star restaurant the art of living takes on a whole new meaning when combined with tasty meals and exceptional surroundings. The staff of the gourmet restaurant. The restaurant has a unique décor and a memorable atmosphere.  

Refinement and intimacy are the order of the day, to offer a wellness meal where all the senses are stimulated. You are immersed in a romantic, or at least intimate, atmosphere, conducive to a lunch or dinner peaceful and gentle. 

The starred restaurant owners think of everything, from the perfectly laid tables to the subtly careful decoration, not to mention the impeccable service. Everything is done to ensure that you have a unique moment, for a meal for lovers, family, friends or even for work.


Awarded by the Michelin guide since 2017, the 1 star restaurant le Jardin de Berne offers a refined cuisine, where wine and Provence are in the spotlight.

The commitment of chefs Louis Rameau and Éric Raynal 

If the Jardin de Berne now offers a exceptional culinary experience. This is undoubtedly thanks to its two chefs: Louis Rameau, the chef, and Éric Raynal, the pastry chef. Together, they seek to reveal the most hidden secrets of each ingredient, to reveal its flavours through innovative combinations. It is indeed from food, and nothing else, that the chefs find their inspiration. Living with the rhythm of nature and the seasons, they imagine a healthy and authentic cooking. This is the first time that a new product has been introduced to the market, made up of fresh, seasonal products, mainly from the organic vegetable garden of the Berne estate and from the local producers

The motto is thus obvious to both prodigies of the kitchen from the vegetable garden to the plate! 

This is an opportunity to showcase the Haut-Varois region with recipes and dishes rich in Provençal flavours. For this, the fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs are picked each morning directly in the Berne vegetable garden. These are complemented by meat, cheese and fish from local producers. Olive oil and wines are also produced directly from the olive groves and vineyards of the Berne estate. Enough to give the two passionate cooks 1000 ideas.

An exceptional setting that lives to the rhythm of the seasons

If the plates fill up according to the seasons, the atmosphere and the decor of the starred restaurant in the Var are also guided by the cycles of nature. Depending on the season, you can enjoy completely different settings, which the Jardin de Berne adapts to the weather. 

In summer, sit at the tables set up on the shaded terrace between orange walls and garden, let Provence show you its best.

For the cooler seasons, the large room and the glass roof welcome you in a warm and friendly atmosphere romantic and elegant setting place where Provencal tradition and modernity are subtly and tastefully combined. 

Unique culinary experiences

You would like to experience theculinary adventure even more intensely? Or offer an unforgettable moment to your guests? The Jardin de Berne offers several VIP dinner packages to live as a couple or with others.

  • Watch the chef and his brigade in action as you sit at the kitchen doors. The table with a breathtaking view of the behind the scenes of the starred restaurant offers a unique immersive experience. Discover the well orchestrated ballet of the team, and follow the elaboration of your meal, before finally being able to taste it.
  • Sit at the edge of nature, directly in the estate's vegetable garden, and enjoy a romantic dinner. La vegetable garden table. The new 'Green Arch', set under a green arch, immerses you in all the best that nature has to offer;
  • Privatize your culinary experience by choosing the vineyard exhibition and its private terrace. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the immensity of the vineyard of the domain, and a exceptional menu for an incomparable culinary experience.

A true tribute to the splendours of Provence, the 1 star restaurant in the Var the Garden of Berne, invites you to an unforgettable culinary journey.