Château de Berne and UP in Complot Magazine - Two spectacular hotels for summer in Provence

Château de Berne and UP in Complot Magazine - Two spectacular hotels for summer in Provence

From Dos espectaculares hoteles para veranear en la Provence | COMPLOT Magazine article, published on June 16th, 2021 in Complot Magazine.

It is indisputable that the ideal destination for a summer holiday is the French Provence, with that elegantly relaxed lifestyle that everyone tries to copy. But in order to enjoy the true Provencal experience, there is no better way than visiting this Mediterranean region. Already the hotels are open to tourists, so here we show you two options, although different in style, both representing the Provencal ideal very well.

Château de Berne

The Château de Berne is located in the hills of Provence, in the south of France, one hour from Saint-Tropez between the villages of Lorgues and Flayosc. A remote and winding path leads to the exquisite finca in its stunning and pristine natural surroundings. Of the 1,700 acres at the Château de Berne, 1,300 are forests populated by Mediterranean species such as pines, centuries-old oaks and olive trees.

A forest sanctuary, providing an essential refuge for the estate's 353 acres (143 ha) of vines. Classified under the name of Côtes-de-Provence, the wine production of Château de Berne embodies the unique geology of the terroir, through delicate and elegant rosés, reds and white wines, certified fully organic since February 2021. Adorned with its iconic vineyard and unspoiled nature, Château de Berne is a sensory experience in itself, a pleasurable and renewed embodiment of the Provencal lifestyle.

The five-star Relais & Château property includes a hotel and accommodation in private villas, as well as a Michelin-starred restaurant with an ecological approach to gastronomy, under the direction of chefs Louis Rameau and Eric Raynal, who create new partnerships, new harmonies of flavors but always being true to the nature of the ingredients.  

Completed by the spa, cooking school and various leisure activities, Château de Berne offers food and wine lovers, athletes, adventurers and those simply looking for quiet contemplation, the promise of an unforgettable and timeless experience of authentic French Provence.

UP / Ultimate Provence

With its beautiful and elegant modern design and elegant boutique hotel, the UP/Ultimate Provence wine estate leaves a lasting impression. Hidden in the hills behind Saint-Tropez, the estate offers guests an unexpected taste of French Provence, in an extraordinary atmosphere that awakens the senses and reinterprets the codes of the ancestral traditions of this terroir.

With its thirty-three modernly decorated rooms, suites and apartments, a gourmet restaurant run by the creative and daring chef Romain Franceschi, a huge rooftop terrace and tasting room, this unique place offers a charming and memorable wine tourism experience.

In the heart of Provence, UP/Ultimate Provence reinvents the Provencal lifestyle around a distinctive triptych: striking urban interior design and architecture, a magnificent vineyard and a lively yet relaxed atmosphere. Monaco-based interior architects Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet created up/Ultimate Provence's elegant and cosmopolitan design, which contrasts evenly with the winery's traditional authenticity.

This is a place of epicurean and aesthetic pleasures, which conveys the feeling of a dream getaway come true. Whether it's waking up in an elegant and cozy room with stunning views of the Notre-Dame-des-Anges Mountain range, learning about the art of wine tasting with an expert sommelier or relaxing by the luxury pool, UP/Ultimate Provence offers a true oasis for those looking to relax and enjoy life.

There's nothing like sipping a glass of wine while gazing at the vines where the grapes are grown, either from the rooftop terrace or lounging by the pool bar. The wines of UP / Ultimate Provence offer an explosion of delicious aromas and abundant pleasures for the palate ... and what better way to exemplify Provençal art de vivre than the colorful, creative and delicious gourmet cuisine of chef Romain Franceschi, a true sensory experience in perfect harmony with the wines of the estate.

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