Berne & UP in Hamptons - Rosé All Day

Berne & UP in Hamptons - Rosé All Day

From Rosé All Day- Hamptons article in Hamptons by Rachel Feinblatt.


« Château de Berne’s ( estate is home to some of the most stunning views, activities and Michelin-star meals in Provence, as well as the production site of two tasty rosés. Its Romance Rosé radiates an unmatched lightness, producing sweet aromas and a light pink color. The mouth immediately experiences a fruity sensation after one sip of this delicious bottle. In contrast, Inspiration Rosé presents a more intense tone in both color and taste. Its rich and flavorful nature is why rosé lovers frequently refill their glasses. »



« Behind the hills of St-Tropez lies Ultimate Provence (, a large estate with indescribable and breathtaking views and organic and sustainable vineyards. The beauty of the vineyard almost matches the bottle of the rosé produced on it, Ultimate Provence Rosé. The raspberry-strawberry jam layers stimulate a sweet aroma with a spicy palate. Able to stand on its own or paired with acidic food or Asian fusion food, this bottle is perfect for any occasion. »

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