Can we eat cheese with rose wine ?

Can we eat cheese with rose wine ?

We often hear that nothing beats a good white or red wine to accompany cheese. However, pairing cheese and rosé wine offers unexpected flavours that are much appreciated. However, you need to know how to match the best rosé wine with the type of cheese. Follow the guide!


To end a meal in the right way, cheese invites itself to the tables of the most gourmands. And to accompany it, you need to know how to select the perfect rosé wine.

A cheese and rosé wine pairing according to the season

France produces such a variety of cheeses that it is almost impossible to find a single rosé wine that will go perfectly with each one. So you have to make a choice, and the rhythm of the seasons can help you. All you have to do is respect the seasonality to know which rosé wine to serve with a cheese. To do this, take into account the period of tasting of the cheeses, to know which ones can be accompanied by a rosé wine:

  • In spring, fresh goat cheese is a must with a good rosé wine;
  • In summer, it is advisable to choose soft cheeses with a washed and bloomy rind;
  • In autumn and winter, we prefer mature cheeses, such as Brie de Meaux or Munster.

A cheese and rose wine pairing depending on the region

To help you in your selection of rosé wine to enjoy with cheese, it is interesting to know that products from the same region go together quite well. You can pair a fresh goat's cheese with a Côtes de Provence rosé, a Roquefort cheese with a Bordeaux rosé, or a sheep's cheese with a Corsican rosé wine.

The local products, whether rosé wine or cheese, offer character and specificities that combine nicely with each other, and reveal the full power of the terroir.



Faced with the multitude of rosé wines and cheeses produced in France, it is not easy to make a choice to ensure a perfect match. After having seen how to choose a rosé wine according to the cheese, let's see, conversely, how to choose a cheese according to the rosé wine selected.

What kind of cheese to use with pressed rose wine?

Pressed rosé wines are rather light in the mouth. Clear and fresh, they are not rich in tannins, and should therefore be enjoyed with fresh, young cheeses. The light aromas of pressed rosé wine will ensure a perfect balance with the flavours of young cheese. You can then turn to fresh goat cheese, Cantal, or Brie. These cheeses go perfectly with rosé wines from Provence, such as Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Carignan, or Syrah.

What kind of cheese to use with rose wine?

More intense and tannic, the rosé wine of saignée offers more structured aromas, which allow it to be associated with slightly stronger cheeses. However, rosé wines made by bleeding are still quite light, so it is not necessary to turn to strong cheeses. The combination of rosé wine and mature cheese is therefore a good one. A cheese platter made up of Saint Agur blue cheese, Munster cheese or Chaource cheese will give off all its aromas with a rosé de saignée wine.

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