Chateau Des Bertrands Estate Cotes De Provence 2018

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Chateau Des Bertrands is exclusively imported by Maisons & Domaines Henriot America Inc

Tasting Notes

Hear From Our Winemaker

Very pale in color with aromas of red fruit and currants. Light and crisp wine with finesse and elegance. This wine has a short finish that makes it an ideal summer wine.


Protected by the Maures hill chain, Château des Bertrands benefits from a continental climate with hot summers, intense sunshine and a prevailing easterly wind. Typical of the geology of the Maures hill chain, its soil is stony and made up of pink sandstone mixed with sandy earth.  This magnificent landscape is often compared to the African savanna and is unique in France. Parasol pines amid pink sandstone outcrops and sparse cork oak scrubland are set against the blue background of the Massif des Maures.

Situated on the Permian depression stretching from Toulon to Fréjus, this area of the Maures Plain is dotted with underlying rocks that model the landscape, resulting in a dry and fairly well-drained soil ideal for healthy grape growth year in and year out.

Its high porosity limits temperature variations between day and night, hence improving grape ripening conditions and lending the wines their delightful mineral aromas.


Designation: Château des Bertrands, AOC Côtes de Provence, Rosé, 2018
Appellation: AOP Côtes de Provence
Type: Rosé
Vintage: 2018
Region: Provence (France)
Grapes: Black Grenache (70%), Rolle (5%), Cabernet Sauvignon (5%), Cinsault (5%), Syrah (15%)